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Testimonial - Lena's Success through Lucia's Custom Meditation

My name is Elena Nanos and I have been attending Lucya's yoga classes for about 2 years.
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My name is Elena Nanos and I have been attending Lucya's yoga classes for about 2 years.

My name is Elena Nanos and I have been attending Lucya's yoga classes for about 2 years. I am an IT Infrastructure Systems Architect and was invited by IBM to present at the IMPACT 2013 conference in Las Vegas, which had over 8,500 people, with 1,000 + sessions to choose from. 

I have presented at the conferences before, but I was a little worried going there. I asked Lucia to put together a personal mediation for success for me, so that I could listen to it at the conference. I listened to it every day before I presented on day 3 of the conference. 

The night before I had to present, I got very troubling news from home that my 26 year-old daughter got in an accident and was in emergency room with concussion and broken shoulder.

I was in total shock but somehow managed to pull myself together and present the next day. I received the highest rating possible as a speaker. I even had an attendee come to me saying that this was the best session he attended at this conference. 

My success did not stop there. I have been writing professionally for the past 10 years, and I found out right after the conference trip that my latest article #27 titled "Build Your Private Cloud With PaaS Using Linux on System z" came out on the COVER of Enterprise Tech Journal June/July issue - http://enterprisesystemsmedia.com/magazines/enterprise-tech-journal. This is HUGE honor because usually only CEO's or CIO's have their stories published on the cover.

Another initiative I successfully worked on at this time is leading a local IT User Group, where membership by 60 people + in the first two months I had taken it over.

Also lastly, but definitely not least, I have energy and desire now to follow my dream to establish my own charity organization to help orphaned children in need. I have created recently an organization called "Guardian Hand for Children In Need' and working on establishing nonprofit status. See our Website for details - http://www.GuardianHand.org/

Please join if you are interested to help. I created a group for this on my Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/505456392854060/.

Thank you Lucia, for all your help and for sharing your wonderful energy and spirit with others.

Sincerely, Lena

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